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The Importance of Service Excellence and How to Achieve it

Friday February 17th, 2023

As we used subjective performance, studies with objective measures of performance could show if there are differences or not. It would also be important to further evaluate the concept of industrial service excellence in manufacturing companies. To verify the usefulness of a neo-configurational perspective a comparison between the results of Qualitative Comparative Analysis and regression-based methods within the same study would be an interesting avenue for further investigation.

As a result, manufacturing companies can achieve a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. On the other hand, if they believe that employees need to be constantly prodded and incentivized to do their best, then their focus will be on designing programs that motivate employees to perform at a high level. In either case, the manufacturing excellence of the organization will depend on its ability to ensure that its employees have the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. Manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, alternative medicine, dietary supplements, and food processing businesses know that product integrity and consistency are crucial to success. To manage costs effectively, aligning performance expectations and objectives across all manufacturing operations is critical.

What Is Operational Excellence In Manufacturing?

Every employee including management should work towards offering the customer a better total customer experience. This aspect of industrial service excellence was mentioned primarily by the interviewees in the expert interviews. In some industry sectors and for specific services the service quality offered by the competitors is very high and the price is quite low. However, in other industry sectors and for other services the quality is quite low and the prices are quite high.

the importance of service excellence in manufacturing

All other solutions need three to five conditions to be present, but are valid only in specific circumstances. By constantly asking themselves whether or not an activity is truly providing value, organizations can put themselves on the path to manufacturing excellence. The result is that many of today’s manufacturing processes are burdensome and costly rather than being sources of value.

Defining Manufacturing Excellence

Providing convenience starts with taking steps towards understanding customer preferences, for instance – what time do they prefer to speak to executives, or what type of communication channel they prefer to use. You should ensure that you are present on all modes of communication including chat, call, social media, etc. Also, make use of a customer support model that maximizes the availability of your agents so no matter when the customer contacts you there is an agent available to attend to them.

Rather than waiting for customers to report issues, this approach reaches out to them before they know the issues exist. This tells customers you’re constantly working to remove roadblocks from their user experience. Customer service makes new customers more trustworthy of your business and allows you to upsell and cross-sell additional products with less friction. New users will trust that your sales team is recommending products that truly fit their needs, creating a smoother buying experience for both the customer and your employees. It’s hard to put a price on great service, and an extraordinary number of customers are willing to pay a premium to get it. Customers place a high value on how a customer service team treats them, and companies will directly profit from positive customer service encounters.

How Rivian is revolutionizing the EV purchasing experience

Additionally, service excellence provides a positive view of your company among competitors and peers within your industry and helps cement a favorable brand reputation. Once the team is on board with your service excellence goals and framework, the team can shift to auditing for success to assure the delivery matches the goals set and validated with each client. Stakeholder feedback is essential and should be welcomed as an opportunity for improvement or recognition of a job well done. To truly reach a standard of service excellence you have to give your customer service team the freedom to do whatever it takes for final resolution -whether that’s making compromises or spending a little extra. One such example of this approach to customer service was demonstrated by Ritz Carlton. A customer mistakenly left his charger at their hotel while rushing to the airport.

  • Appropriately, in 1990 Federal Express became the first service company to win the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Award.
  • This can be done by focusing on Lean manufacturing principles and Six Sigma quality methods.
  • Of course, you always want a positive brand image and customer service can be a significant determining factor.
  • Experts say that the causes for failure usually fall under the headings of leadership, mindset, and execution.
  • As we used subjective performance, studies with objective measures of performance could show if there are differences or not.
  • Maintaining the working quality standard without losing ground requires managing the gap between actual quality and working quality standard.
  • A customer mistakenly left his charger at their hotel while rushing to the airport.

This pace of automation contradicts expectations from 2020 survey respondents that almost half (47%) of business tasks would be automated in the following five years. Today, respondents have revised down their expectations for future automation to predict that 42% of business tasks will be automated by 2027. Task automation in 2027 is expected to vary from 35% of reasoning and decision-making to 65% of information and data processing. Another major trend has been to try different operating models, rather than to use the traditional central human resources department. Many of these models seek to increase HR’s contribution to a company’s competitiveness and integrate HR with the rest of the business.

The 29 Best Customer Service Books You Need to Read

For better or worse, your most impacted customers will do word-of-mouth advertising for you. In fact, 66% of salespeople say that the highest quality leads come from existing customers. Since great customer service translates to happy customers, your customer service team can be a major catalyst for cheap promotion through positive word-of-mouth and referrals. Additionally, customer service doesn’t begin and end with your frontline reps. The customer service potential customers experience during the sales process will also impact their purchasing decisions. Therefore, delivering positive customer service experiences should be the goal for any customer-facing role.

the importance of service excellence in manufacturing

Like the related theories of Lean and Six Sigma, operational excellence shares a focus on the concept of value. Value, in essence, represents what the customer really wants and is willing to pay for. All of these configurations depend on the contingency factors and need four or five of the conditions to be present. Built by people who know manufacturing, Mingo Smart Factory provides the 21st century “Smart Factory” experience that manufacturers need to grow in a modern environment.

The Human Factor in Manufacturing Excellence

To ensure manufacturing excellence, looking at the standard cost of product variety is essential. If 50 percent of product variety accounts for less than 5 percent of total sales yet creates 20 percent to 30 percent of non-material variable cost. The same is true for those on the decision-making planning and production side. They must be able to see how each of their actions could affect the customer, cost, inventory, and product lead times before taking any action.

Give your employees a measurement of their improved performance (or an indication that there’s an issue they can address), and they’ll own those numbers too. His big push is for ownership of continuous improvement and Lean processes, from the operators on the plant floor to the c-suite executives, back-office to the sales and marketing staff. The sustainable, continuous improvement service excellence definition of operations to gain a competitive advantage, lower costs, and increase profit. That is, costs are built into an organization by management systems and management decisions. Decisions about the number of products, the customers they serve, and how the business is run all drive cost. To achieve manufacturing excellence, businesses must focus on knowledge and involvement.

A Safety Wrap for Baby

Success leads to not only great customer service, but also increased employee satisfaction. If a company doesn’t appreciate and properly resource its customer service team, it will show in the quality of service that customers receive. But when companies provide the proper training, technology, and work environment, customer service employees are a powerful force to turn satisfied customers into booming businesses. While digital transformations are notoriously difficult to scale up across networks of factories, the pressure to succeed is intense. Scaled across networks, these gains can fundamentally transform a company’s competitive position.

By manufacturing excellence, organizations can be assured that they are making the best decisions for all parties involved. Various production strategies are used in any manufacturing organization to achieve manufacturing excellence. The aim is to identify and eliminate waste throughout the manufacturing process, from the raw materials stage to the delivery of the finished product. This also gives everyone a clear understanding of their role in providing better results.

Staffing for E-commerce Customer Support

With a clear understanding of what manufacturing excellence is, the key principles that guide it, and the crucial role of the human factor and technology, you are well-equipped to embark on this transformative journey. Here, we outline a roadmap to help you navigate your way towards manufacturing excellence. By contrast, Tulip’s platform offers manufacturers an ability to build the tools they need to address their specific needs and challenges. Our platform is designed with the understanding that human workers are the backbone of the manufacturing process. Instead of simply dictating procedures from a top-down perspective, Tulip empowers shop floor workers to create apps tailored to their unique needs and workflows. This flexibility fosters a sense of ownership and agency, improving both morale and performance.


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