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How to Optimize Website Architecture for UX and Business Goals

Wednesday February 22nd, 2023

One among them is what value IA brings to the user as well as business. Whether you are aware or not, today search engines have already started to block websites with low content. If your website is one among them then sooner or later you might come across these types of issues. To stay competitive it has become essential to offer content that users find valuable. When your prospects land on your website then they look to access the exact information as quickly as possible. If they are easily able to find it then that’s because of the website’s extensive user research and testing.

Information architecture provides people with a systematic way to navigate from point A to point B in order to achieve an action or gain knowledge. In other words, better information architecture promotes easier accessibility of information through intuitive navigation design. There are a number of ways that can help you to create detailed audience research. One of the most effective ways is to get user feedback, conduct surveys, interviews, and also experiment with the A/B test and more. The more you are able to understand your site visitors the easier it will become to create user-centric information architecture. Once you are aware of what users need from your website then your information architecture creating process will be based on facts and data rather than perception.

The value of Information Architecture for business

This works well if there’s a lot of overlapping information on your site. Single page sites are best suited for projects that have a very narrow focus and a limited amount of information. These could be for a single product site, such as a website for an iPhone app, or a simple personal contact info site.

You may choose to work with a professional information architect or tackle IA on your own. Design, development, and engineering teams often work together on the process. But even a small solo project can improve with an understanding of the basics. If, for example, you use breadcrumbs on your blog, then you should use breadcrumbs everywhere on your site.

How to Create Information Architecture for Web Design

To build out this complex structure, an information architect typically performs a range of tasks including user research, card sorting, content inventory, site mapping, and labeling. IAs may repeat some of these steps later in the UX design process with different objectives. It isn’t always a digital product – it could be signage in a crowded subway station or airport terminal. We mentioned earlier that good IA is IA that you don’t even notice; it just works well. Information architecture diagrams, flowmaps, mindmapping, wireframing, card sorting, labeling, and structuring are just some of the many ways you can get the most out of your content.

How to Create Information Architecture for Web Design

And this isn’t just a ‘man thing.’ After a while, people just give up and move on. CareerFoundry is an online school for people looking to switch to a rewarding career in tech. Select a program, get paired with an expert mentor and tutor, and become a job-ready designer, developer, or analyst from scratch, or your money back.

How information architects and UX designers work together

Mainly if you have a single product or service to offer then you can also opt for the single page pattern. These products can be anything like an app for iOS and Android or a website focused on offering simple personal contact information. If your website has a narrow focus or has a limited amount of information to offer then can always opt for the single page pattern. You can consider the three categories of assumptions that I’ve covered in almost any order. However, I recommend your using them in the order in which I’ve presented them in this column whenever possible.

  • Based on the data analysis performed earlier, the information architect can start organizing the content.
  • A UX designer uses information architecture to deliver those to the user in a way that’s clear to understand and simple to navigate.
  • Also, don’t forget to highlight critical content that exists lower in the hierarchy than the page viewed.
  • We want to make sure that the content that users see is relevant to the page they’re on.
  • They cater to over 20 million visitors a month; visitors from all walks of life.
  • But these steps can help you do the research, analysis, and organization it takes to create a great structure for your next digital project.

Let’s say you walk into Target to buy socks – you don’t head to the frozen pizzas, do you? You get your Starbucks first like a civilized person, grab a cart, then follow the signs and cues to the apparel section. That is good IA at work, and it was so good you never knew it was happening. Good IA is also why it’s impossible to do a ‘Target run’ and walk out with only what you came in for. Without information architecture, simply put – people just give up.

Understand the Business Context

All types of content must be classified and have proper names that won’t confuse a user. In the case of IA, it’s an attempt to group different unstructured pieces of information and give them descriptions. Regardless of the web information architecture title, a person who works on information architecture must start with the rules that help to achieve the goal of IA. In the next part of the article we will look closer at the activities of IA design and its deliverables.

How to Create Information Architecture for Web Design

The cards contain topics that must be categorized, or pieces of content that must be described. The next step involves grouping content into different categories. Once you know what a user wants, you can update the content of an existing website and list it. The main activities to perform at this stage are content inventory and content audit.

The Principle of Choices

However, if your prospects face difficulties in finding the information then you might give up a few more seconds or sometimes minutes in the information search process. And today users don’t have much patience when it comes to finding the answer on the internet. If you are adding more minutes and seconds then you might end up creating a bad user experience which can result in low engagement and conversion.

How to Create Information Architecture for Web Design


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